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Mobile Broadband On 3

3 Mobile have been rated very highly for their amazing mobile broadband services. This is available in both payg and pay monthly.

SIM Only

SIM Only Mobile Broadband

The mobile broadband sim only plan is perfect for those who thave their own device or even an iPad.

Standard Dongle

Mobile broadband dongles are available on a monthly contract and payg. There are two major tariffs to choose from.

Premium Dongle


All laptops come with the 24 month 15GB broadband tariff. All laptops are for free with no upfront cost.



Now you can get more minutes, more data and unlimited texts if you already have your own mobile phone.

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Buy the mobile phone handset of your choice, and then only pay for the talk-time, messaging and web you use. No contract.

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Check the Three network coverage in your local area, and find out more about the various tariffs on the Three network.

Three Mobile Broadband

What is Mobile Broadband?

3 mobile broadband is a great way to access the ineternet while on the move. Simply plug in a dongle into your laptop while you are on the bus, train or even a coach. You can gain access to the net at train station, bus stops and more.

USB dongles are slim and lightweight and look exactly like USB portable storage devices or also known as USB sticks. They work in both Windows based PCs and Apple Macs. They also work with Linux and possibly other operating systems.

They work by connecting to your network just like your mobile phone would. However the data connection speed is like that of a broadband connection, hence the name 'mobile broadband'. It is very popular amongst business customers, students and those who travel and work regularly. It defeats having to search for a Wi-Fi hotspot.