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3 Mobile have been rated very highly for their amazing mobile broadband services. Laptops come with either a Premium or Standard dongle.

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Laptops with Mobile Broadband

View all of the available laptop deals with mobile broadband provided by Three network.

Standard Dongle

Get a laptop and use the internet while on the move. View our standard dongle laptop deals.

Premium Dongle


Take advantage of the premium dongle which can catch a signal better than the standard dongle.

Three Laptop Deals

A laptop deal from Three is simply a mobile broadband deal that comes with a laptop. It is a great combination of products to allow any person to have internet on the move.

The advantage of such a deal is that the overall cost can work out cheaper than purchasing a laptop and a mobile broadband connection separately. In addition the upfront cost of the laptop will either be next to nothing in comparison to the retail price of the laptop or there will be no upfront cost and will be free.

The contract length are usually 18 and 24 months, however do keep an eye out for shorter contracts. Prices start from £26+ per month.

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